Picture Gallery

The ever lovely Michelle Shields with "CHAT" 

John Buechler holding a copy of CHAT!! 

The Wolfman could only howl at his copy of CHAT! 

William Katt with a copy of CHAT! 

 Frankenstiens creature learned how to read with his copy of CHAT!

Nancy Thompson of Elm Street hopes to find a way to stop Freddy Kruger with a copy of CHAT

Jeff Wickedbeard Cochran with CHAT

 P. J. Soles with CHAT

Spiderman hung around just so he could get his copy of CHAT

Micheal Myers was told it was a great novel so he sliced his way through it to see what the fuss was about! 

My son Brad with a copy of CHAT!  He swears its not his he's just holding it for a friend!!

Mark Patton holding a copy of CHAT!! 


Ken Sagoes holding a copy of CHAT!! 

"CHAT"  helped Freddy Krueger by giving more teenagers nightmares!!

 Even Sammy Terry was put under a spell with CHAT

Heather Langenkamp holding a copy of CHAT!! 

Ari Lehman holding CHAT!! 

It's no joke... Harley Quinn and Joker loved CHAT

Michael Meyers had learned everything he needed to know from CHAT

The Preditor had learned how to read english just so he could sink his teeth into CHAT

Derek Mears with CHAT

Ghostface realized his destiny after reading CHAT

Amanda Wyss with CHAT

Adolfo, the man behind DAYS OF THE DEAD, with a copy of CHAT.  Many thanks ol buddy!

Even the biggest (BEEP) in the world loves CHAT

Zombie Kitty and Ro Tag fighting over who gets to read CHAT first

Hank FM DJ Fritz Moser with CHAT

The Ghostbusters Ran a check on CHAT, for people were having a hauntingly good time reading it

Vampire Santa couldn't wait to sink his teeth into CHAT! 

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