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I was born in Cape Cod Mass. On august 4th, 1964, to Ernest and Diane Dawson. We moved back to Indiana when I was a baby, and my dad built a house in Clairemont. I attended first and second grades in Brownsburg In, then in the third grade we moved to Pittsboro.

In the fifth grade we were given an assignment to write a 4 chapter, 1 page to each chapter book. Mine was about vampires. It was the first time that I felt that the written word was going to be a big part of my life.

I hated school, so my grades were never really great. My parents had went nuts trying to get me to do my homework, but I was never really interested. They grounded me to my room, and took tv away from me. It was then that I realized my love for reading. I would read anything I could get my hands on. My favorite books while I was growing up were “The Boxcar Children” series.

We moved to Mooresville, In. The town that my mother grew up in, and found out that my grandmother was John Dillengers sisters friend. That peaked my interests quite a bit, and having a paper route with all old people on it I used to listen to the story’s they would tell about Dillenger.

In Junior High I wrote stories just to keep me amused, but in high school, I became serious about becoming a writer. It was during my freshman year that my lit teacher Mrs. Anne Knickerbocker, tried to use an alternative form of teaching with me. She loved a story that I was writing called “My Brother, The Rat” My parents loved it so much that that Christmas they had gotten me my first typewriter. It was an Underwood manual. I have had several typewriters through the years but that was the one that has always held a part of my heart.

I graduated High School mid term in 1984, and went into the Army, where they found out I was legally deaf, and they sent me back home. Once back at home, I started writing a novel called “The Woodsville Encounter” I finished it, and wasn’t really impressed.

In 1991 I wrote a novel called “Domination” it was a vampire story. There again, I felt that it wasn’t my best work, so it laid in the scrapeheap, that I called my files. One of my biggest problems was that I was too critical of my own work.

I married Samantha Lloyd, In 1991, and in March of 1992, My son Bradley was born. In 1994, Samantha filed divorce, and I filed for custody of Brad. I gained custody when he was 5 years old. So I spent, several years till the concept of “CHAT” hit me, doing jobs just to make sure that my son was raised right.

In 2001, Me and Bradley was walking outside in a trailer park, when I seen twin little girls playing with dolls, and I had a vision where one of them was a ghost. and I started to draft a story in my head. I had been toying around with doing a story that involved a stalker and the Internet.

In 2003, My best friend died, and I seen the connection that would be the opening for what was to become “CHAT” I could see a young girl sitting on a grave at dusk, drinking and crying. I sat down and wrote the prolog, and in my mind it was a winner.

For the next year I was always jotting down notes, but the one thing that I felt was eluding me, was the fact that I had no idea how a 17 year old girl thinks about anything. I had no sisters, no daughters, and had been married for only a few years.

I knew that the stalker in the story was named “Shags” and again I had never owned nor knew how to use a computer, and as far as chat rooms went, that was another entirely different universe for me.

They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but that January 2004, I went out and bought my first computer. It was time to do research. I started going into a chat room. The first thing I found out was that girls get hit on by all the guys in there! I also found out that adults do not like teenagers in adult chat rooms. I wrote my findings down every day.

After I finished “CHAT” I started writing other things but I kept coming back to a story that I have been wanting to write for a long time. What is tentively titled “MOST WANTED”.

It’s a story about 4 boys who realize that a neighbor, is a notorious Bank robber, was supposedly killed in 1937, at the Indiana state fair. They confront him, and he tells them the story on his escape, and what happened after.

Also in the works is a young adult trilogy, about a Texas Ranger, and his exploits with creatures of the night!

E. L. Dawson

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